Life Stages When Psychotherapy Can Be Helpful

People often think of psychotherapy as being for those who are suffering from defined mental health conditions, like depression or PTSD. But while psychotherapy can be really helpful for such individuals, it can also be used as a sort of preventative treatment when life is tough and you need to take extra care of yourself. Here are some such life stages during which psychotherapy is helpful.

Entering the Workforce

Searching for a job can be demoralizing sometimes. You may have interviews that you think go well, but that doesn't result in jobs. You may come to the realization that certain career paths are not right for you. Psychotherapy can be really helpful in order to keep you focused and positive at this time. Not only will this help ward off depression and other mental health problems, but it will also help keep you confident — and confident folks are more likely to be hired. Psychotherapy is helpful when you're looking for your first job, entering the workforce after a long break, or transitioning into a new industry.

Having Children

The decision to have children is a big one, and there is a lot to sort through. Sometimes, making this decision brings up traumas from the past, and that can be hard on you, mentally. Pregnancy also brings hormonal changes that can affect your mental health, and then there's the stress that comes once you actually have kids. As such, during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and the first few years of your kids' lives, psychotherapy can be really helpful for keeping you grounded and mentally strong. You may find that, as you settle into a rhythm as parents, it is no longer needed. Or, you may find it so beneficial that you just keep going.

Dealing With Grief

You reach a certain stage in life when folks around you start to pass away more often. First, it's your grandparents. Then, it's your parents. Of course, things do not always happen in this order, but there's a lot of grief nonetheless. Opting for some psychotherapy during this time can help you process the grief in a healthy way so it does not continue to impact you negatively. You can also seek therapy for the grief you're dealing with related to a death that happened long ago.

Psychotherapy is not just for those who are currently mentally unwell. It can also help keep your mind healthy when facing life changes that can be trying and traumatic.

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