Helping Your Teenager Overcome Illegal Drug Use: Options For You

Being a parent of a teenager can be extremely challenging no matter what the circumstances. However, if your teen begins to rebel, get in trouble, and using illegal drugs, the situation can seem impossible. If you have a child with an illegal drug use problem, you are not alone. Unfortunately, many teens turn to illegal drugs for a wide variety of reasons. It is up to you as their parent to try to help them overcome their drug use and the issues that led them to it. Get to know some of the was that you can get your child the help and care they need to move past their substance abuse problem and get their life back on track.

Boarding School For Troubled Teens

A troubled teen boarding school is one option to break your child out of the cycle of illegal drug use or abuse. These schools are designed to take your child out of the social environment that led them to begin using drugs in the first place so that they can address the issues that got them to that point.

Boarding schools for troubled teens give students a great deal of structure, discipline, and supervision that they might not get in their regular school and social environment. Because they will be living on campus, they will not have the opportunities to obtain illegal substances that they may have previously. These schools offer a combination of academics and treatments for mental health, life skills, drug abuse, and the like to get students back on track.

The benefits of such schools are numerous. However, one of the best things about troubled teen boarding schools is that your child will not fall behind in school while they receive treatment for their illegal drug use issues. This is also a more long-term solution (usually one to two years) than a stay in rehab. Your teen will, therefore, be able to truly overcome their drug problems without being rushed through it.

Boot Camp or Military School

Another way to break your teenager out of the habit of using illegal drugs is to send them to a boot camp or a military school. While these options may be a bit more extreme than a boarding school for troubled teens, they can have a positive and lasting effect on your child.

These camps and schools are based on the principles of military training. This means they use harsh and tough discipline and extremely strict rules, regimens, and schedules to keep participants in line. Your child will do a great deal of physical exercise during their experience and boot camp or military school and will learn to follow instruction without hesitation or question (otherwise they will be punished).

Some teens respond very well to such an authoritarian form of discipline and come back from their experience at boot camp or military school well-behaved and over their desire to use illegal drugs. However, it is important to note that these are not therapeutic programs. So, if your child has developed an actual addiction or dependence upon illegal drugs, these options may not fully help them overcome their issues and they may return to their problem behaviors after they come home.

Now that you know a few of the options available to you to help your teenager overcome illegal drug use, you can be sure to get started and get them signed up as soon as possible.