Two Signs That Your Child May Need Speech Therapy

If you're a concerned parent, you likely want to do everything in your power to make sure that your child is developing at the pace that they should be.  While food and clean water may be sufficient enough to develop their physical bodies, one area that you also don't want to neglect involves the way that they speak.  Because children develop at different ages, it can be difficult for you to determine if they are behind and should be more developed in their speaking patterns.  Use this information to learn more about two signs that your child may need speech therapy.

Your Child Parrots Your Speech Rather Than Responds

One sign that your child may be dealing with delayed speech development involves the way that they respond to your questions.  If you ask them a question, and they repeat part of the question rather than providing an answer, it may be time to seek out the help of a speech therapist.

This condition of parroting back a response, rather than giving an answer to the question is called Echolalia.  Although in some people, echolalia is associated with autism, it is often an indicator that a child is not progressing in their speech and may need help in order to learn how to respond with independent thought.

For example, you may ask your child a question such as, "Where did the cat go to play?"  If your child answers with something such as, "Go to play," they may have an issue with echolalia.  They should be answering the question directly, instead of repeating back a portion of what you just said.

Your Child Can't Combine Words Together At The Age Of Two

Another important milestone in the life of a small child involves the ability to connect words.  By the age of approximately 2 1/2, your child should be able to combine words together in simple two words sentences.

Understand that at approximately 2 years of age, your child will start adding words to their vocabulary at a breakneck speed.  Because of this, they will have more words at their disposal to string together.  If you notice that they aren't doing this, it may be time to seek help.

Don't ignore the signs which indicate that your child may have delayed speech patterns.  Seek out assistance from a clinic like ABC Pediatric Therapy right away so you can set your child up for a lifetime of wonderful speech patterns.