Communication Is Key: Helpful Strategies To Resolve Conflict In Your Marriage

It isn't uncommon for couples to fight every now and then. However, some couples fight more religiously than others, which can really damage a relationship. If you and your partner seem to have a lot of conflict in your marriage, read on to learn about four different ways to resolve conflict in a way that doesn't damage your relationship.

1. Make Sure to Open Up About the Issues and Your Feelings.

One of the easiest ways for individuals to avoid conflict is by avoiding talking about the problem. While this may seem like a good idea at first, it is one of the worst possible ways. This is because avoiding discussion is only going to create distance in your marriage. No one wins. It is important to note that delaying a discussion may be necessary every once in a while, such as when you are get into an argument in public or you simply need time to calm down to avoid saying hurtful things that you don't mean. Make sure that you do not ever confuse delaying a conversation with avoiding a discussion.

2. Avoid Getting Angry.

Anger is another popular way to approach conflict. However, it shows a very low regard for your significant other's needs and wants. Unless there is a reason that you need to be standing up for yourself, anger is never a good approach. You may think that you are winning, but neither of you are in the end. Using anger in a discussion is going to cause your partner to feel like you don't hear them and cause the overall problem to escalate and remain unresolved. Anger turns the conversation into a competition, and this isn't how marriage should be.

3. Consider Making a Compromise.

This is one of the absolute best ways to resolve conflict, as both parties are recognized as being important in the relationship. Each party will lose a small amount due to the compromise, but it is better than feeling unloved or not cared about. Both of you are meeting in the middle in regard to each other's needs. This demonstrates respect, which can lead to a more stable relationship.

As you can see, there are steps that you can take to successfully resolve conflict in your marriage. Ultimately, the way that you view your needs as compared to your significant other's needs will affect the way you both communicate. This then leads to a healthy or unhealthy marriage, depending on the circumstances. If your marriage is in trouble, you may want to consider marriage or couples counseling so that you can work with a professional like those at Headwaters Counseling who can help lead you toward the steps it takes to have a better marriage.